Sheathing Line Production Line / Galvanized Steel Wire Rope Sheating Machine

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: CMT
Certification: ISO
Model Number: customization
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: standard export package
Delivery Time: 120 working days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Supply Ability: 50 sets/year
Detail Information
Constructional Speed: 90m/Min Line Center Height: 1000mm
Installed Power: 175kw Turnkey Project: Yes
Name: Sheathing Line Production Line Usage: Galvanized Steel Wire Rope Sheating Machine
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cement bag making machine


cnc drilling machine

Product Description

Sheathing Line Production Line /Galvanized Steel Wire Rope Sheating Machine


We can design the production line according to your requirements. The following data is just for your refernence.

1. Application

The line is used to extrude sheathing for optical cable.
1.1 Produce inner sheathing on cable core
1.2 Produce outer sheathing in inner sheathed armored or non-metallic cable core.
1.3 Make sheathing on cable core with or without aluminum wrapped core.
1.4 The machine will be capable to produce Aerial access optical cable, ducted access optical cable, direct burried optical cable, ducted cable with moisture barrier.
1.5 The extruding materials: HDPE, LDPH will be used for inner and outer sheathing of optical cables.

2. Line Configurations

2.1 Suspended beam CSM payoff frame of 1800
2.2 Dual-reel tension dancer for cable core
2.3 Dual Pad Metal Tape Pay-off
2.4 On-line seam welding device for Steel(Aluminum) tape
2.5 Metal Tape (steel-aluminum ) accumulator
2.6 Metal Tape (Steel-Aluminum) corrugating device
2.7Jelly Filling Unit
2.8 waterproof yarns pay-off
2.9 Non-Driven device for rip cord pay-off
2.10 Metal Tape (Steel-Aluminum) longitudinal forming device
2.11 Adhesive-bonded fabric/non driven tape pay-off
2.12 SJ90×25 extruder and cross head
2.13 Vacuum application unit
2.14Loader and hopper compound dryer
2.15 Hot-water tank and 4m movable hot-water trough
2.16 24m stainless steel cooling-water trough
2.17 Blow dryer device
2.18 Diameter control device
2.19 Length number printer
2.20 AC spark tester device
2.21 Caterpillar 1250kg
2.22 Swaying beam type tension dancer for take-up
2.23 1800 take-up with traverse
2.24Electrical control system

3. Brief Description of Different Components of the Machine:

3.1 Suspended beam CSM payoff frame of 1800


Reel weight, max. 5T
Reel diameter 800-1800 mm
Speed degree Two degree
Pay-off speed ≤100m/min
Pay-off motor 7.5kw AC motor
Driver Danfoss
Traversing pitch 5-35mm

3.2 Dual-reel tension dancer for cable core

The machine is consisted of frame and two horizontal reels. The diameter of the two reels is 800mm. the one reel is the driving reel, another is the fixed reel. The tension is provided by pneumatic cylinder.


Wheel diameter 800 mm
Cable core diameter, max. 50 mm
Tension range 10-200N adjustable


3.3 Dual Pad Metal Tape Pay-off
3.4 On-line seam welding device for Steel(Aluminum) tape
3.5 Metal Tape (steel-aluminum) accumulator
3.6 Metal Tape corrugating device
3.7Jelly Filling Unit
3.8 Waterproof yarns pay-off
3.9 Non-driven device for rip cord pay-off
3.10 Metal Tape longitudinal forming device

3.11Adhesive-bonded fabric/Non-driven tape pay-off
For the requirement of the much longer fibercable, the double reels have been designed. The bulge shafts have been designed for the tape reel installing conveniently. The magnetic brake controls the pay-off tension. The alarm device for the disconnecting of the tape has been designed.


For more information, please contact us at any time.

Main data of the sheathing line
Diameter of cable core 3-30mm
Diameter of loose tube 1.6-10.0
Diameter of cable 5-35mm
Line speed 10--80m/min(cable dia:10mm)
constructional speed 90m/min
Pay-off reel size PN1000~PN1800
Take-up reel size PN1000~PN1800
Extruder output Max250kg/h
Line length 63m×4.5m×4m(L×W×H)
Line center height 1000mm
Total weight 20T(approximately)
Installed power 175kw

Contact Details

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