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Automatic Corn Starch Production Line / Corn Wet Milling Processing Line

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: CMT
Certification: CE, ISO
Model Number: Customization
Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiable
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Standard Export Package
Delivery Time: 6months
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Supply Ability: 50sets per year
Detail Information
Raw Material: Corn Warranty: 1 Year
Turn-key Project:: Yes
High Light:

cup cake production line


filling and capping machine

Product Description

Corn Starch Production Line/ Corn Wet Milling Processing Line
CMT is specialized in manufactruing grain processing machine line, We can provide complete sets (turnkey project) of corn starch production line for you.
Our service is from design(technological process, civil engineering, electrical, waste water treatment,etc.), installation, commissioning, and after-sales services.

Following project details for your reference:

Final Product:
Corn starch and refining corn starch milk.
Spraying corn steep liquor fiber.
Corn germ
Corn protein.


1. Corn cleaning:
By utilizing various differences between corn kernels and impurities such as grain shape, size and specific gravity to remove impurities, dust and so on, while measuring and weighing purified corn.

Utilizing H2SO3 to steep corn to destroy the connection of various components and the net of protein from germ and to segregate starch and non-starch part. Also, because of the lactic acid produced during steeping, the protein is hydrolyzing to amino acid and turning to water-soluble substances. This removes most of soluble substances that ensure the afterward process successfully to be operated.

3.Corn crush and germ segregate
Crushing steeped corn by using crusher to segregate whole germ and maximum dissociate starch kernels. After broken, the proportion of germ from thin slurry is about 0.96 and the proportion of starch is 1.60, according to the difference of proportion, sending it to the top cylinder of cyclone along the tangents through the pump, thus producing high-speed swirl. Under the effect of strong centrifugal force, the germ of light specific gravity will stay in the center and it will discharge from top overflow hole, the proportion of starch kernels is much large and it is thrown out that outflow from the bottom through the wall to reach the destination of segregation.

The thin slurry after degerming is the mixture between starch and non-starch, the starch kernels are connected with protein and fiber of corn entoderm. It must be grinding by using external force, tearing it scarf-skin and destroying cell tissue, then the binding of starch kernels and other substances can be opened to segregate starch kernels as mush as possible. When the materials enter into the disc rotor center, high-speed rotated rotor will generate huge centrifugal force to let materials be pushed toward edge of rotor, By the high-speed movement of the movable needle and a fixed needle repeated impact, thefierce collision, starch, protein and fiber loose and free,because fiber themselves got less shock and it are not excessive rushed, thus the efficiency of grinding achieved a preferable level.

5. Fiber segregation and washing system:
Utilizing screen to proceed segregation and washing, screen is the curve screen surface that constituted by various wedge bar, there are lots of long and thin screen cut on the surface, the segregated materials are spraying to the top of screen surface along with tangential direction, moving downward along with screen and being right angel relationship with screen cut. After the materials entered into the screen surface, the starch milkis scraping into screen cut to drop down and discharging from bottom collecting pipe, and objects on the screen is slipping off from the bottom of screen surface under the action of gravity.
According to proceed fiber segregation and upstream washing by using six-level stress, it is not only saved water, but also the free starch can be maximum retrieved.

6. Starch / gluten separation
Using the theory of different proportion between starch and gluten to segregate them as much as possible. When Screen underflow - starch milk is entering into the disc centrifuge from top feed inlet, the materials are distributing to several thin layers because of rotor is constituted by disc that in a state of high-speed rotating, the starch kernels of large proportion and faster settling are slipping from inside to outside under the centrifugal force, it will discharge from discharge nozzle along with the out wall of the rotor. The less proportion gluten kernels will discharge from top gluten water outlet along with the center. Accordingly, the main segregation can be achieved.

7. Soluble starch washing system:
The crude starch milk from disc centrifuge contains part of protein and soluble substance. Using grade 12 multi-tube cyclone to refine and wash soluble starch by utilizing the theory of the different proportion of protein and starch. This will acquire refined starch milk.

8. Dewatering and drying
Sending the refined soluble starch into horizontal scraper centrifuge, and the wet starch after centrifugal dewatering is sending into starch dryer from screw transfer, the wet starch and hot air will have sufficient heat exchange in starch dryer, then the cyclone separator will separate hot and humid air and dry starch to acquire goods of starch.

Main Invest items list for your reference

No Content  
1 Main Equipment  
2 Valve  
3 Piping  
4 Electricity  
5 Instrument  
6 Analytical apparatus  
7 Spare parts  
8 Corn silo system  
9 Installation  
10 Technology transfer  
11 Design  
12 Commissioning  
13 Transportation  
14 Erection material  
15 Operation platform making  
16 Heat preservation and others  
17 Workshop plumbing  


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