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6 Feet 2+2 Wood Based Panel Sanding Machine Sander Siemens PLC

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: CMT
Certification: CE, ISO
Model Number: Customization
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Standard Export Package
Delivery Time: 60 Working Days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Supply Ability: 50 Sets Year
Detail Information
Design Capacity: 10 - 500 M3/hour Design Standard: GB/T 18262-2000
Control: Siemens PLC Turn-key Project: Yes
Condition: Brand New Guarantee: One Year
High Light:

Wood Based Panel Sanding Machine Sander


Siemens PLC Machine Sander


500 M3/Hour Panel Sanding Machine

Product Description

8 Feet Wood Based Panel Sanding Machine Sander


Sanding machine is mainly used for man-made board thickness grinding, grinding cutting and precision polishing. Man-made board is mainly refers to the particle board, medium (high) density fiber board, plywood, gypsum particleboard, cement particle board, bamboo plywood or other wood and non-wood man-made board.Sanding machine can also be of metal (such as hot plate, stainless steel plate and aluminium plate), PVC, marble and material such as rubber cloth thickness grinding and polishing.
Sanding machine is mainly used for the thickness and polishing processing of PB, medium density fiberboard (MDF) and other plate. As company focus on developing the advantages of the product, the product after more than 30 years of continuous improvement and innovation. The Q, M, V escalating, formed a mature and reliable hundreds kinds of products, can meet with monolayer and multilayer and continuous press accessory requirements of various kinds of production line. Around "refinement, high speed, energy saving, automation of product development direction, the company is creating a new generation of intelligent machine, sand in order to further enhance the independent research and development of broadband sander manufacturing technology level, realize the sanding machine to become the world leader of strategic objectives.

To meet the minimum thickness of 2 mm plate sanding

Design speeds of up to 120 m/min, it is suitable for large production lines.

Thickness adjustment of the ball screw, ensure no backlash when grinding plate, stable and reliable performance, high precision sanding, and solve the sheet specifications, adjust the intricate problems.

Optimize configuration of sand rack drive mode and power, improve the transmission efficiency and reduce energy consumption of sanding 10%, reduce consumption of abrasive belt 16%.The contact roller diameter and wall thickness ratio, a specially designed no clearance contact rollers eccentric gear and a high standard of dynamic balance accuracy (1 g) or less. Large diameter wear-resisting coarse sand roller, roller diameter ф 450 mm, improve the processing capacity and the rigidity of the roller.

Send into system, the conveying roller double drive, transferring force, prevent because of ultra heavy plate skid and influence the whole linear velocity, the production efficiency can be increased 10-15%.

Contact rollers eccentric adjusting worm gear and worm with built-in, reduce operating force; Special design of contact roller clearance eccentric device, ensure precision of sand thickness of plate; Single operation, contact roller eccentricity both unilateral and bilateral adjustment, operating more human.

Using 5 ° oblique grinding polishing pad, board face better quality, greatly improve the sand plate good or poor feel the difference.

Ground mat levelers with ball screw, adjust the precision is higher.

Grinding pad in the process of sanding single operation adjustment, as well as unilateral lifting, and bilateral lift at the same time, convenient adjustment, improve production efficiency and the accuracy of adjustment.

Grinding pad structure design improvements, graphite, and convenient to replace the tightness is adjustable.

Using a grinding pad servo technology, effective guarantee chew head on tail phenomenon in the process of sanding down to a minimum.

Adopting grinding pad water ling, keep the temperature stability of the grinding pad within a certain range, effectively guarantee the stability of sand plate size accuracy and surface quality.

Quick change type grinding pad, to guarantee the accuracy of stability of the grinding pad.

Equipment adopts touch screen control, equipment running condition monitoring is more intuitive, more human operation.

The main motor power through high-speed narrow v-belt transmission, high transmission efficiency, stable work.

The pneumatic brake system effective braking disc high-speed rotating abrasive belt, prevent damage of sand belt running deviation and other hidden dangers.

The abrasive belt adopts photoelectric detection, nimble and reliable.

The special design of the tuyere and the ideal suction structure, can capture overflow dust, improve the efficiency of dust collection, whole dust air volume lower 12-15%.

Diamond grit conveyor roller, good abrasion resistance, which can ensure accurate and high speed transmission of the slab.

Each laser sensor into the thickness of sanding machine, effectively prevent the ultra heavy plate or two plate into the sanding machine.

Contact roller, guide roller, a pendulum roller and a main power transmission shaft of main bearing temperature sensor installation, used to monitor the temperature of the main bearing, temperature once more than the control values, gives alarm, protection of main bearing.

Professional industrial design, novel appearance and friendly interface.


V Sander Wide belt Sander
Width(mm) 1300 1600 2300 2600
Thickness(mm) 2-50 2-50 1.6-50 1.6-50
Accuracy(mm) ±0.05 ±0.05 ±0.075 ±0.075
Aperture(mm) 280 280 300 300
Belt speed(m/s) 22-33 22-33 22-33 22-33
Sanding roller motor power(kW) 75 90 160 160
Sanding head motor power(kW) 55 55 132 132
Fine head motor power(kW) 55 55 90 90
Tilted fine head motor power(kW) 45 55 90 90
Polishing motor power(kW) 18.5 18.5 30 30
Sanding belt width(mm) 1350 1650 2650 2650
Consumption of compressed air
4-7 4-7 4-7 4-7
System pressure(MPa) 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.6
6 Feet 2+2 Wood Based Panel Sanding Machine Sander Siemens PLC 0




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