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150,000tons/Year Steel Rod Hot-Rolling Mill Making Machine/ Production Line

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: CMT
Certification: ISO
Model Number: 120 Square Billet to Roll Φ 10 ∽Φ 36 steel rod
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Standard Export Package
Delivery Time: 90 Working Days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 3 sets Year
Detail Information
Design Capacity: 150,000tons/Year Control: Siemens PLC
Turn-key Project: Yes

Product Description

Steel Rod Hot-rolling Mill Proposal

120 Square Billet to Roll Φ 10 ∽Φ 36 steel rod

1.Steel Rolling Process
Hang qualified raw material to the feeding roller bed by crane, convey to the heating furnace tail, push to the heating furnace to heat by steel pusher. When material is heated to 1100-1200℃, it will be pushed out by discharge machine to rolling mill to be consecutively rolled 9 to 19 times. In order to prevent the rolling accident caused by irregular parts and low temperature parts, set rotary cutting flying shears between rough rolling(φ450×3+Φ450×2×2)and middle rolling(φ320×2×3), middle rolling and finishing I rolling(φ280×2×2). In order to minimize the processing time of rolling accident, set tensile shears and cutting shears before the hot material entering the mill entrance and finishing II rolling(φ280×2×3). Of course, the two rotary cutting flying shears also have the function, in order to ensure products quality and easy adjustment, set side movable sleeve and vertical movable sleeve between middle rolling and finishing I rolling, finishing I rolling and finishing II rolling.
Products rolled by the mill are sent by the pinch roll to rotary double-rule flying shear to be cutted into double-rule, then enter into upper steel pusher cooling bed to be cooled through clip tail roller after reducing the speed. When the products on the cooling bed surface step by step, in the meanwhile, the evener on the bed surface evens the products’ front, gather the products into collection agencies by dynamic tooth. When the products have been collected a certain quantity, collection agencies will translate them to under the table to be cut into scale, passing by the products inspection gathered in the products collection device, then packing, weighing, signing and piling in the storage.
150,000tons/Year Steel Rod Hot-Rolling Mill Making Machine/ Production Line 0
2.Heating furnace
4.Production water supply, water draining and water treatment
8.Environmental Protection, Security, Industrial Hygiene and Fire protection
9.Equipment List

No.Equipment NameQtyWeight(t)Remarks
1Charging roller2groups7 
2Steel pusher1pc3Don’t include the hydraulic station
3Heating furnace1set  
4Discharge machine1pc5 
5Furnace delivery table1group8 
6Tensile shear1pc1 
7Φ450×3 continuous rough rolling mill1group80 
8φ450×2 continuous rough rolling mill2groups60×2 
9φ320×2 middle rolling mill3groups40×3 
10φ280×2 continuous finishing rolling mill3groups20×3 
111# head cutting flying shear1pc  
122# head cutting flying shear1pc  
13Movable sleeve device2pcs4 
14Pinch roll2pcs2 
15Double-rule flying shear1pc  
16Upper steel pusher1set10 
17Cooling bed1pc100 
18Uniform equipment1set2 
19Lower steel pusher1set5 
20Lower roller10groups15 
21Constant sheer1pc10 
22Fixed size baffle2pcs2 
23Finished product cross test bench1pc10 
24Collection device1set3 
25Electric equipment9pcs

Main motor




Support equipment

Rectifier transformer3pcs  
27 Power transformer1pc  
28 Electric control equipment1set  
29 Process guide1set  
30On-site installation main and auxiliary materialsHydraulic station1set  
31 Dilute oil lubricating station2sets  
32 Water supply and drainage equipment2sets  
33 Cross trolley2pcs  


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