Annual Output 50000 Tons Humic Acid / Humic Acid Fertilizer Turn Key Project

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Design Capacity: 50000 Ton/year Control: Siemens PLC
Turn-key Project: Yes Design Standard: GB
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sulfuric acid plant


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Product Description

Brief introduction

Humic acid fertilizer is a kind of organic fertilizer. The natural humic acid is formed by the decomposition of plant residues. It is widely found in dry soil, river mud and shallower buried weathered coal, peat and lignite. It contains carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and other elements, and has certain fertilizer effect, but most of the insoluble dry water, if combined with potassium, sodium, ammonium and other substances, is dried and ammoniated in the sun, it is easy to be absorbed by plants as nutrients.


Site planning process(Referring to site planning flow chart)

The directions indicated by the arrow are: raw material yard -- straw crusher -- mixed material yard -- raw material premix part -- high efficiency organic fertilizer fermentation tank -- aging workshop -- refining workshop -- non-electrode raw material warehouse -- production workshop -- finished product workshop.


Brief description of equipment process

1.Granulation system: batching system - self-cleaning double shaft crusher - drum granulator - dryer - primary cooler - primary screening machine - Secondary cooler - secondary screening machine - coating machine - automatic packaging machine - robot stacker


2.Dedusting system: dryer, primary cooler, secondary cooler tail gas - three cyclone dedusters in series - dedusting room - water washing pool - induced draft fan - chimney


Technological process description

1.Batching system: the production line adopts computer batching process, which is accurate and convenient for management. The proportion of beneficial microbial powder to be added is less. It is premixed with some raw materials and then put into the silo to ensure accurate measurement and even mixing.


2.Granulation system: according to the nature of raw materials and product requirements, two granulation systems are selected:

1 Production of organic fertilizer and ecological fertilizer: We select the production process of special granulator for organic fertilizer. After batching, it is sent to the special granulator for organic fertilizer for granulation. The special granulator for organic fertilizer can directly make the organic materials with moisture content of 30% - 40% after fermentation into round particles, which can be 100% pure organic matter granulated. This equipment just makes use of the characteristics of small proportion of organic matters and large gap, and under the action of certain external force, through the principle that fiber particles can be inlaid, it can make solid round particles. This equipment has obtained national patent.

2 The process of drum steam granulation and slurry granulation is selected for the production of top dressing and some high concentration base fertilizers: that is to say, adding steam on the basis of drum granulator, controlling the feeding amount of feeding point through the mechatronics technology, making full use of the advantages of the two processes to produce high-quality multi-grade compound fertilizer products with high, medium and low concentration and the wrapped (coated) controlled release fertilizer.It is suitable for the production of high nitrogen and high phosphorus organic fertilizer.


3.Drying and cooling system: rotary dryer is used for dryer and cooler, with strong applicability and convenient cleaning. The drying and cooling processes of base fertilizer and ecological fertilizer are based on the principle of large air volume and low temperature drying. The first level drying and second level cooling process are adopted, which can not only remove the excess water in fertilizer, but also effectively preserve beneficial organisms.

The primary screening process is set up after the primary cooling to reduce the load of subsequent processes. The unqualified large particles are screened by the grading screen, and then crushed back to the batching system, and the finished products and small particles enter the cooling process.

It is suggested to use natural gas furnace for drying heat source to reduce the operation intensity of workers, stabilize the temperature of hot gas and make it easy to control environmental protection.

Before the exhaust gas is discharged, the three-stage dedusting system of cyclone dedusting and baffled dedusting in series with water spray settling chamber can basically meet the dedusting requirements of the compound fertilizer plant and reach the discharge standard.


4.Screening and packaging system: the rotary screen with good classification effect and easy to clean shall be adopted for the grading screen to ensure uniform classification and appearance quality of finished products. The small unqualified materials are sent to the mixer and returned to the production system. The finished products are sent to the finished product warehouse, measured and packed by computer scale, and then sent to the finished product warehouse for storage. The coating process can also be set after screening to produce coated long-term slow-release fertilizer.


5.Anti corrosion of production equipment: according to the practical and economic principles, the anti-corrosion treatment shall comprehensively consider the use requirements of the equipment, the performance and price differences of different materials and different protection processes, and be selected flexibly in manufacturing. For example, the dryer, cooling drum, granulator and other main engines shall be coated with high-grade antirust paint and rubber finish paint, with emphasis on protection. The equipment manufacturing and installation materials shall be fully thick standard materials according to the design requirements, and some equipment such as auger, computer packaging scale, sieve plate, etc. shall be made of stainless steel materials.


Advantages of this design

1. Granulation system

  • The production line of the proportioning system adopts computer automatic proportioning with accurate proportioning, uniform nutrient content of particles, convenient management and operation.
  • The granulation adopts drum granulator plus steam granulator. Combined with the characteristics of two kinds of granulation, it is intuitive and efficient, making the granulation yield (primary granulation) ≥ 80%, greatly improving the production efficiency of the equipment.
  • The granulation efficiency and product quality are less affected by other factors (organic matter, moisture content, etc.).
  • Two stage screening is set in the equipment process. After the first stage vibrating screen, most of the dust will be reduced, so that the particles can fully contact with the cold air, and the screening efficiency will be higher. The role of rotary screening is to make the particles more pure, prevent the addition of miscellaneous fine powder in the fertilizer, and avoid the problem of fertilizer agglomeration.
  • Another major feature of the system is the centralized mixing and quantitative control of return material and new material on the granulator. It can make the pelletizer operate easily (pelletizing is the core of the whole production system), make pelletizing more stable, reduce the amount of returned materials, avoid the vicious cycle in the previous equipment operation, and improve the pelletizing efficiency.

2.Dry cooling system

  • The heat source is coal-fired boiler or natural gas, and the flue gas emission of boiler or natural gas completely conforms to the national and local emission standards after being dedusted by baffling flow and water washing.
  • This system sometimes produces some compound microbial fertilizer. It is required that the drying temperature shall not exceed 70℃ in the production of compound microbial fertilizer to ensure the vitality of microorganisms, so the equipment will increase the unique design of one drying and two cooling. On the one hand, it will fully ensure the cooling effect of low temperature and large air volume, greatly improve the survival rate of microorganisms, and thus ensure the quality of bio organic fertilizer. On the other hand, it can improve production efficiency.

3.sieving system

  • It adopts two-stage vibrating screen and rotary screen, which is easy to clean and even in grading, so as to ensure the appearance and quality of finished products. And return the unqualified products (total amount ≤ 20%) to the granulation system.

4.Capsule system

  • It has two kinds of coating systems:liquid and powder, which guarantees the external quality of compound fertilizer.

5.Finished product packaging system

  • The automatic weighing and packaging system can fully improve the working efficiency and packaging accuracy. The robot stacker adopts the domestic advanced Eagle robot stacker, which has high stacking efficiency, low mechanical failure rate and convenient operation.

6.Dust removal system

  • The three-stage dedusting of series cyclone dedusting, dedusting room and water washing pool can achieve good dedusting effect, good workshop production environment and good environmental protection effect.

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